COVID19 Testing

We provide COVID19 Testing at your own space, promptly and medically safe!

Our team consists of competent and experienced healthcare professionals, that are specialized in COVID19 diagnosis and treatment.

Uniquely COVID19 certified by American Pathologists Association, our physicians are daily available to assist your needs either in individual or corporate level (e.g. hotels, companies etc).


Our tests, at your own space...

rt-pcr covid19


Real time PCR testing for detecting COVID19 positive cases.

This type of molecular analysis provides the most accurate and reliable method of COVID19 virus identification in human body, based on national and international reports. 

Results are provided within 24hrs.

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rapid covid test

Antigen Rapid Test

Fast and Accurately, we detect COVID19 antigens from nose/neck sampling.

We utilize reliable rapid tests. Results are obtained in 15 minutes.

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COVID19 Diagnosis
for business, hotel, etc.

We have got expertised and experienced COVID19 physicians certified by the Americal Physicians College. Thus, we can take on overall COVID19 diagnosis and management of your employees or clients, at your business, hotel, etc throughout Greece.

We also provide customized medical management programs.

Let us take on your COVID19 business management!

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Thessaloniki Clinic
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