Adenovirus testing in children with hepatitis

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention alerted health care providers and public health authorities for adenovirus testing in children with hepatitis.


"At the time, the World Health Organization has identified 274 cases among children across the UK, tested positive for adenovirus."

According to Dr. Laliotou, pediatrician at Kalika Med Care, hepatitis is inflammation of the liver, a vital organ that processes nutrients, filters the blood and helps fight infections. When the liver is inflamed or damaged, its function can be affected.

Children's caregivers should be on the lookout for symptoms including diarrhea and vomiting. If a child has abdominal pain or develops a fever, fatigue or muscle pain, they should get checked by a doctor. Symptoms of jaundice -- including yellow eyes, dark urine or light-colored stools -- are physical signs of a problem with the liver.

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There is a rapid test for adenovirus using nasopharyngeal swab for adenovirus. Additionally, Kalika Med Care, offers blood tests like hepatitis panel, liver panel and antibodies against adenovirus for children suffering of symptoms.  Learn more about our clinics and medical exams. 

Our specialized pediatric nurses take care of our little patients.

To avoid adenovirus, Dr. Laliotou says that parents should urge their children to regularly and thoroughly wash their hands.

"There is no vaccine for adenoviruses in children. Adenoviruses tend to linger on surfaces, she said, and alcohol-based hand sanitizers don't work well against them."

"Thorough handwashing with soap and water is the best thing," Dr. Laliotou said. "Keeping distance from anybody who's sick with coughing and sneezing, and teach your children to cough or sneeze into their sleeve." Essentially, she said, keep up with all the good habits children have learned to prevent Covid-19.

Because adenovirus has a gastrointestinal component, she also advises parents and adults at day care centers to be meticulous about their own hand hygiene after changing diapers.


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