Post-covid examination

After recovering from COVID19 many patients are wondering if they can return to work and social activities without restriction. 

Since both acute illness from COVID19 and post-COVID19 syndrome are very widespread disease entities, KALIKA MED CARE, with a combination of tests, guarantees you good health and well-being during your recovery.

anarrosi meta apo covid

The COVID19 virus infects and destroys: 

  • Lungs - respiratory failure
  • Heart - myocarditis, pericarditis, chronic tachycardia
  • Blood – thrombosis, blood clots
  • Immune system - continuous low viral load leading to chronic inflammation
  • Neurological system - myositis, dementia, chronic fatigue

A full screening after illness with COVID19 in Kalika Med Care may include 

  • Measurement of vital signs (blood pressure, oxygen levels in the blood, measurement of heart rate)
  • Medical History 
  • Clinical examination by a doctor
  • Molecular Testing (PCR) for measuring viral load (reduced or zero) 
  • Spirometry (measurement for respiratory adequacy of the lungs)
  • Electrocardiogram (for examination of cardiac function)
  • Blood tests (blood count and biochemical testing, blood clotting test) 
  • Neurological examination for memory assessment 

The above tests are also done at home to patients who do not have the opportunity to come to the clinics. Do not hesitate to contact KALIKA MED CARE for a full assessment after you or your family's recovery from COVID19.

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